About New Zealand

New Zealand, called Aotearoa in Māori, the language of the indigenous people of New Zealand, is located in the South Pacific.  Most people live around New Zealand’s coastline and in the North Island.  The capital is Wellington and the largest city is Auckland.  New Zealand is a stable parliamentary democracy and a member of the Commonwealth.  68% are of European origin – ‘Pākehā’.  15% are Māori – the indigenous people of New Zealand.  10% are of Asian origin and 7% are of Pacific Islands origin.

Pakistan and New Zealand

Pakistan and New Zealand have a common heritage as members of the British Commonwealth and have long-standing sporting linkages, especially in cricket and hockey.  A memorable moment was the 1992 Cricket World Cup semi-final played between the two countries at Auckland.

New Zealand firms have supplied CNG equipment and other technologies to Pakistan.  New Zealanders have been involved in the development of Pakistan’s dairy sector.  A number of Pakistani PhD scholars study at New Zealand universities.  Pakistani cotton products and rice are a familiar sight in New Zealand.

New Zealand Link

New Zealand Link facilitates commercial engagement between Pakistan and New Zealand. The firm offers customised services for clients from our locations in Gujranwala and Hamilton.  Contact us to discuss how New Zealand Link can help you.